HOA Documents

Subdivision’s Rules & Restrictions

Legacy Wood Subdivision has a set of rules that all residents must abide by which are downloadable below.

DO NOT ASSUME that what others have done in the neighborhood is automatic approval for your project all buildings, fences, walls, foundations, swimming pool or any structure or exterior addition, patio, deck, color change or alterations should be submitted to the Architectural Review Commtee (ARC). 

Here are some frequently asked questions clarified:

  • No outbuildings (Sheds attached to home and look like the house are OK)
  • No stand alone flag poles (flag poles attached to home no more than 6ft long are OK)
  • Stand alone playhouses should not be higher than the fence or permanent (except per swing-sets as below)
  • Swing-sets with playhouse is OK but playhouse portion is to be open air and not fully enclosed (If enclosed it is an out building)
  • Basketball Hoops that are freestanding or in-ground are OK

As with all visible additions to your house exterior or yard, keeping items in good repair is required by Declaration of Restrictions.

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