Pool Info - 2020

Pool Season 2020 (current as of 05/14/2020)

As the Legacy Wood Property Owner’s Association Board (the “POA Board”), we hope that you and your family are doing as well as can be during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

The purpose of this letter is to address the opening of the Legacy Wood Pool in light of the current restrictions in place by the federal, state and local governments.  As of the date of this letter, the POA Board has convened and voted to open the Legacy Wood Pool when permitted by Jackson County, Missouri.  Currently, under Phase 1 of the Jackson County, Missouri Recovery Plan (the “Plan”), pools governed by Jackson County, Missouri are prohibited from opening.  Phase 1 of the Plan is set to expire, at a minimum, May 25th; however, we do not currently have Phase 2 guidelines, nor do we have an idea when Phase 1 will actually end.  We are preparing the pool to open, but we are awaiting Phase 2 guidelines and an end to Phase 1.  We will update the community once we have more information.  Keep in mind, that when (and if) the pool opens this summer, Jackson County still recommends that staying at home is the safest option and to continue to practice six-foot social distancing between non-household individuals. 

Additionally, the POA Board taken additional measures with respect to the pool.  Until further notice, when the pool opens, the POA Board will not provide furniture of any type for use (chairs, lounger chairs, or tables).  These items will be locked up at the pool and the POA Board is prohibiting the use of the same until further notice.  This is due to the requirements of the current Plan with respect to daily cleaning of these items.  Currently, the pool management company will be cleaning the surfaces of the pool every morning, and the POA Board is searching for a company to do a second cleaning during the day or evening, should this be a requirement in Phase 2.  The POA Board suggests that residents bring their own chairs to the pool for their own personal use.  Items that are left at the pool overnight will be placed outside the gates, and not left inside the fenced pool area.  Please remember to remove all the items that you may bring with you to the pool upon leaving.  As always, please do not bring any glass items to the pool.

The POA Board has also discussed and voted that until further notice, the pool, and its structures, are not permitted to be reserved for parties and/or gatherings by residents.  Furthermore, the POA Board is requesting that large pool floats, not be brought to the pool for safety concern.

Additionally, the POA Board is requesting that all adult residents sign a Waiver of Liability (“Waiver”) on behalf of themselves and any minors, prior to using the pool this season.  The Waiver can be found at the POA’s website, www.legacywood.org.  The POA Board will similarly e-mail a copy to all those who are currently signed up for e-mail notices with the POA.  That being said, if you are not signed up for e-mail notices, we suggest that you do.  The POA Board will also work on sending this letter in the mail to each address in the neighborhood, along with a copy of the Waiver.  Upon reviewing and signing the Waiver, please scan and e-mail a copy to the Technology Chair, Ron Gerling, at [email protected].  If you need assistance in sending the waiver in another fashion, please contact Mr. Gerling to facilitate the same.

As all likely understand, the Plan is subject to change, and will need to be prior to the opening of the pool.  The POA Board will provide notice as soon as reasonably possibly if the Plan changes.  We hope that all understand the above restrictions, and if you have any questions, please contact the POA Board President, Casey Crawford, at [email protected].

We hope all have a great summer!


Legacy Wood Property Owners’ Association Board

Click HERE for the above mentioned Waiver of Liability

All resident POA dues must be paid in full before your key will be activated

Pool Hours
8:00am -10:00pm  Sun - Thu
8:00am - 11:00pm  Fri - Sat

** Tues and Thurs 8am to 9am are reserved for residents in the High Risk health category **

Pool Information

  • If you see anyone using the pool late at night please report this as trespassing to the local police
  • Do not let others into the pool area who are not part of your group

Pool Rules & Guidelines