Pool Info & Rules

Pool Hours
8:00am - 10:00pm (Sunday thru Thursday)
8:00am - 11:00pm (Friday and Saturday)

Pool Information
  • All resident POA dues must be paid in full before your pool key will be activated
  • If you see anyone using the pool outside of Pool Hours, please report this as trespassing to the local police
  • Do not let others into the pool area who are not in your group
Please remember that this is a community pool and our goal is to make this a safe and fun place for all our residents.  If you see something that requires attention, please do not hesitate in speaking out. If you aren’t comfortable with that, do not hesitate to reach out to a POA Board Member.  Our contact information can be found HERE

  • All use of swimming facilities is at own risk - NO LIFEGUARD IS ON DUTY
  • Appropriate swimwear required
  • Bathers use showers and toilets before entering the pool
  • No children wearing disposable diapers are allowed in the pool
  • No pets are allowed inside the pool area except service assistance animals
  • Pool furniture may not be removed from the pool area at any time
  • Please straighten up and pick up the area when you leave
  • Pool subject to closure without notice for pool maintenance or repair
  • Gate MUST BE KEPT COMPLETELY SHUT AT ALL TIMES. This is a county and state law
  • Please leave pool area immediately if bad weather approaches or if you see lightning

  • No diving
  • No running in pool area
  • Individuals should not swim alone
  • Chairs and pool equipment must not be used as pool toys
  • No water balloons allowed
  • No loud or boisterous conduct
  • No abusive or profane language
  • No loud radios
  • Homeowners are responsible for their children and their guests in and around the pool area
  • Homeowners and their guests will be held responsible for damages to the pool area including fences, gates, bathrooms, the parking lot and landscaping
  • No wheeled vehicles allowed in the pool area except for wheelchairs and strollers
  • Do not enter the pool if you have an open wound

Food and Drink
  • No food or drinks allowed in the pool (food and drinks are allowed on the pool deck)
  • No glass containers or gum allowed in the pool area
  • No smoking in the pool area
  • Excessive use of alcohol is prohibited
  • Illegal drug use is prohibited
  • Grills are to be used outside the fenced area only

Guests / Children
  • All guests must be accompanied by a resident
  • Due to the limited size of the pool, please limit your number of guests
  • Children who are 12 years old or older may use the pool unsupervised by a parent or guardian
  • Children under the age of 12 years old MUST BE accompanied by a parent, guardian or responsible person who is 16 years old or older.
  • Only children less than 48 inches may use the toddler pool